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Patsy, a 13 minute dance art video, directed by Izabel Barsive, is a choreographic metaphor of a troubled woman in her forty’s drowning her demons in red wine.  But today, in a moment of lucidity, alcohol loses its appeal.   In a last attempt, she searches to find an answer, a solution, an absolution.

Patsy is a loner, crushed between reality and fantasy.  With flashes of memory, both comforting and painful, she realizes that she has lost her footing.  Currents of red wine running deep within her soul provide only temporary peace and tranquility.

All she needs is one minute, just one minute, to think or to forget, to confront or to run, to live or to die.


La ruée vers l'or awarded a special jury prize at the 2012 Banff World Media Festival

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