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Ruby is a multi-platform weekly television show, airing on TFO Sundays at 7:30pm. Plugged in to what’s new and hip, Ruby caters to women in their 30s who are interested in culture, fashion, food as well as politics and social issues. With its modern tone, and visual rendering, Ruby is also present on the web. The website introduces new content daily, be it news, reviews, new activity ideas or practical advice for new moms and globetrotters alike.

Hosted by Nadia Campbell, Ruby’s presence reaches out to all corners of Ontario. Ruby is a Web-magazine series that aims to answer the needs and quench the curiosity of franco-Ontarian women.  

Coordinating Director
Martin Cadotte
Marie-Josée Houle
Renaud Lafond 
Marie-Pierre Gariépy

Director of photography
Philippe Grondin

Geneviève Turcot

Nadia Campbell



La ruée vers l'or awarded a special jury prize at the 2012 Banff World Media Festival

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